Jet Infosystems has been active in the information technology (IT) market since 1991. Initially offering the creation of corporate-level IT infrastructures, Jet Infosystems has developed much broader expertise to become a full-profile systems integrator with a wide portfolio of solutions and services, including specialized packages meeting industry-specific requirements. Jet Infosystems has been working in the information security market since 1996. The company offers a full range of security measures, from inspection and risk analysis to actual protection for corporate information systems of any size and complexity. Major companies, including multinationals, with a workforce in the tens of thousands often seek contracts with our company which offers a broad range of solutions and services with extensive experience and certified professionals.

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14 Bolshaya Novodmitroskaya Bldg 1
MOSCOW, 127015 Russian Federation
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One Identity - Identity Governance & Administration; One Identity - Privileged Access Management