We have come a long way since we launched Zorp™, the world’s first proxy-based modular firewall, back in the year 2000. We have been delivering best-of-breed IT security solutions for two decades. Balasys is a leading vendor of proxy-based gateway technologies. Products we sell are used by a significant number of Fortune 100 companies, including global telecommunication, financial and government organizations. With a strong focus on network security, we provide flexible solutions in the field of perimeter defense, legacy server protection, API- and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security. Balasys is one of the largest One Identity competence centers in EMEA and a key value-added distributor of Quest.

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  Aliz street 4.
     Budapest, H-1117 Hungary

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Aliz street 4.
Budapest, H-1117 Hungary
Phone: +3616464740


Data Protection;erwin Data Intelligence;erwin Data Modeler;erwin Evolve;Information Management - Database Replication;KACE;Microsoft Platform Management;One Identity - Active Directory Management;One Identity - Identity & Access Management (OneLogin);One Identity - Identity Governance & Administration;One Identity - Log Management (syslog-ng);One Identity - Privileged Access Management


Foglight;One Identity Safeguard;syslog-ng



Our typical clients are large enterprises from the telecommunication, finance, government and manufacturing sectors.