Indigo Mountain has been actively involved in the delivery of the KACE solution since 2009 and has a proven track record in the delivery of solutions including implementation, consultancy and training. With customers globally, Indigo Mountain has an excellent reputation in the KACE world and delivers KACE best practice solutions, time and time again, with the aim of the KACE customer maximising the savings and efficiency that KACE appliances provide. Indigo Mountain also provides additional tools and applications that work for existing KACE customers to further enhance Asset Management and ServiceDesk functionality.

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  Brightfield Business Hub Longthorpe
     Peterborough, England PE2 6XU United Kingdom

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Brightfield Business Hub Longthorpe
Peterborough, England PE2 6XU United Kingdom
Phone: 01733 530530




KACE Asset Management Implementation for AMA or SMA;KACE SDA Advanced Implementation;KACE SDA Core Implementation;KACE SMA Implementation - excludes Service Desk;KACE SMA Service Desk Implementation;KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA);Rapid Recovery


BarKode v3 Intro

BarKode v3 Intro

Introducing our BarKode scanner App for the KACE System Management Appliance, available on IOS and Android, our app will enable your Asset Management processes in KACE to reach the next level, introducing process and functionality to speed up and improve data entry, goods in, starters and leavers, moves and changes within your environment.



Detroit Lions are a KACE customer who have used Indigo Mountain to increase KACE knowledge through web based training



Inter IKEA group engaged Indigo Mountain to implement an ITIL aligned Change Management System within their KACE Service Desk Environment



Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital obtained training services from Indigo Mountain to ensure that levels of KACE related knowledge throughout their IT technicians are maintained.



Richland Schools District implemented a KACE System Management Appliance to manage all of the High Schools under their management. Indigo Mountain's BarKode scanner app was then implemented to ease the process of ongoing audit of Assets, introducing location scanning to further imporve efficiency and data updates.



Harvard University Implemented Indigo Mountain's BarKode scanning app to enhance their Asset management capabilities within their KACE System Management appliance.



Julliard School implemented Indigo Mountain's BarKode scanner to enable more effective Asset management functionality in their System Management Appliance



Southern Health used Indigo Mountain Professional services to configure their KACE appliances allowing a roll out of a brand new Windows desktop across their estate.



Care Fertility purchased a KACE System Management Appliance to enable them to gain better visibility and control of their IT estate.



Honda Research and Development expanded their program of Asset Management by adding the Indigo Mountain BarKode scanner app to their KACE System Management Appliance



Goldsmiths University underwent a project of change with a number of different Dell products. KACE was implemented alongside DA at the heart of the Desktop management program. Indigo Mountain Professional services delivered the KACE implementation during the summer break to ensure the university was ready for business at the start of the year.



Kent Community Health NHS implemented a KACE System Management Appliance using Indigo Mountain Professional Services