Immersion Technology Services creates business infrastructure transformation solutions for its clients. As the modern world continues to expand the limits and barriers of what is possible, the synchronization and alignment of IT infrastructure becomes more critical to the success of an organization’s core competencies and the value it provides. We understand this opportunity and the challenges that must be meet; create a business-driven technology aligned solutions while proactively manage the associated risks. The services we provide focus on the critical intersections of a high-performance enterprise solutions; identity governance and administration (IGA), cloud computing, collaboration, infrastructure consolidation and enterprise education.

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  3742 Colliers Drive Ste 100
     EDGEWATER, Maryland 21037 United States

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3742 Colliers Drive Ste 100
EDGEWATER, Maryland 21037 United States
Phone: 5172047416


One Identity - Active Directory Management


Active Directory Pro;Active Roles;DR Series Systems;Exchange Pro;Identity Manager;On Demand Migration for Active Directory;On Demand Migration for M365;On Demand Recovery;Power 365;Privilege Account Manager (TPAM);Rapid Recovery;Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition;syslog-ng