facts&figures GmbH, founded 1999 and a Quest Software Partner since more than 15 years, is a specialized service provider in medium-size and large scale migration projects to Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and Office365. Our software e2mod (R) ties in to Quest's product line and improves migration results and the customer's bottom line providing savings for our customers through standardization and automation of user management in Active Directory and Exchange. We supply services to Germany's largest automotive manufacturers, telecommunications providers and banking institutions. Since 2017 facts&figures is the sole distributor for Quest NDS Migrator and services in Europe, Middle East and Africa

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  Tivolistr 69
     DUEREN, Nordrhein-Westfalen 52349 Germany

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Tivolistr 69
DUEREN, Nordrhein-Westfalen 52349 Germany
Phone: +492421409800


Data Protection; Microsoft Platform Management; One Identity - Identity Governance & Administration


Asset Manager; Coexistence Manager for Notes; GroupWise Migrator; Migration Manager for AD; Migration Manager for Exchange; Migrator for Notes to Exchange