As a trusted Microsoft, Quest and One Identity Gold Partner, Core offers innovative technical solutions tailored to your business objectives and specialises in implementing the latest systems, on-premise, hybrid and in the cloud. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for your organisation, and ensuring you only work with true experts in the field. To achieve this, we work with a collection of best in breed technologies and professional partners to deliver your objectives to the very highest standard. Core's experience with Quest and One Identity dates back to the early 2000's. Core are an approved delivery partner, an active member of the Partner Advisory Council and won One Identity Partner of the year 2017.

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Microsoft Platform Management


Active Roles;Migration Manager for AD;Migration Manager for Office 365



The Department for International Trade (DIT) sits between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Business Innovation and Skills Department. Their main objective is to promote the UK as a brilliant place to invest and a great business partner to have as well as helping UK-based firms to export. By its very nature DIT is a very mobile organisation, however, its systems were fixed to desktop which left staff little flexibility. Communication between the over 2000 staff was difficult and access to web services was unreliable. DIT needed a mobile cloud solution that would work anywhere in the world while maintaining security integrity at all times. Core worked with DIT to develop a fully secure and flexible mobile solution, 'Aurora'. Core’s Aurora platform utilises the best of One Identity's toolset, combined with Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite, this offered anywhere anytime email and document access on the provided laptops or tablets. With the development of the new system, Core have delivered to over 2000 users working remotely around the world a secure and cost effective environment. “With the new system, I can keep updated on the move and have faster access to the documents I need no matter where I am.” Mobile working, improved communication, faster access to CRM and the ability to work much more efficiently no matter where you are around the world are just the key highlights that DIT have seen from its groundbreaking move to the cloud.


The East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub supports NHS Trust in the East of England with a wide range of procurement services. Changes to the NHS structure meant their previous setup was costly to manage, with updates and management of bespoke software in the hands of their provider. This left EOECPH with diminished control. Additionally, large amounts of data were stored on a shared server hard drive, and the system was cumbersome to manage. With limited IT resources, EOECPH needed a solution which made adding and managing users and security policies simple. Core transformed EOECPH’s IT infrastructure, saving them considerable amounts per year whilst enabling scalability, easy management, consistent user experience and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively, regardless of location. Data is securely backed up in the cloud and the organisation is covered in case of disaster. The new IT Infrastructure is helping EOECPH to achieve heavy administrative tasks quickly and effectively. The new system also allows all data to be accessible from anywhere, while being securely stored in the cloud. EOECPH can now provide cost-effective service to the NHS which helps them save money. Core's Aurora identity management system, combining the best of Microsoft and One Identity technology, allows consistent enforcement of corporate standards and security policies from an intuitive web interface. Users can be moved rapidly into groups with a specific policy where needed. Managing login credentials doesn’t pose a challenge, because usernames and passwords are synchronised between local systems and those in the cloud.


Poundland are the UK’s leading value discount retailer. With a heavy reliance on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and embedded macros, they needed a system that would allow these business processes to remain with centralised control and management. Core transformed Poundland’s entire infrastructure, moving from an outdated on-premise system to a complete cloud-based Microsoft solution which offers scalability and overall control of all IT systems, whether in the UK or around the world. The solution is built on Microsoft Office 365 and Active Directory, which allows Poundland to scale their IT to the growing needs of the business. Office 365 replaced a Lotus Notes system, while Active Directory and System Center have transformed the running and management of the infrastructure. The new system has revolutionised Poundland’s use of IT. It has allowed the small team in the UK to provision services remotely, quickly deploying application to all areas of the business. Core were the only company to display knowledge and skills in all our requirements, leaving behind Novell and Lotus Notes in favour of Office 365, Active Directory and System Center. “I am really pleased with the new system. It has reduced the reliance on IT and reduced our workload, which is allowing the team to focus more on internal IT projects that we may have had to outsource in the past.” As an approved delivery partner, Core has a wealth of experience in working with the Quest Microsoft Platform Management tools to help customers move from legacy non-Microsoft platforms, in to the Microsoft cloud.